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Leah Moore - Hi Def

This hot little piece of ass was scoutin' the car lot for a rich man to sink her claws into. We sunk our dicks into Leah's fine, tight butt instead! This little gold digger took our bait-- hook, line, sinker and ass-stretching pole! She's gonna have to look far and wide to find another pounding like this! hgghj deep hgghj jasmin

Rachel Luv - Hi Def

Poor little Rachel's boyfriend was cheating on her. It's time for revenge! And what better way than giving up her butthole virginity to another man? That's one cherry her stupid boyfriend ain't gonna pop. We stretched it good! hgghj deep hgghj jasmin

Katie Lane - Hi Def

Katie was out on college campus studying on a bench. We swindled her back to our studio to study up on some cock! See how well this lovely co-ed takes it in the ass! hgghj hgghj jasmin deep

Candace Raines - Hi Def

Liquor is quicker but the key to this slut's heart is a nice fat cock! Cutie Candace was no stranger to a good deep dicking but she's never been a backdoor baby! Will Joe succeed and give his fat cock a nice wet home in her pretty little ass? Tune in and find out! jasmin deep hgghj hgghj

Audrey Elson

Otto and Alec never really thought that a classified ad for sex would work until the day they came home to find little nympho Audrey waiting (with her fingers in her cookie jar) for them to fuck her silly. She dropped to her knees and they knew she wasn't playing and neither were they... After she came it was their turn to get what they wanted.... her VIRGIN ASS. jasmin deep hgghj hgghj